Name Ryan Slocum
Position Software Engineer
Summary Fourth-year Computer Science undergrad at CU Boulder



  • 2023.05 - 2023.07
    Software Engineer Intern, Test
    - Led transition in firmware testing infrastructure from Robot Framework to Python.
    - Worked with Hardware-in-the-Loop tester to assess flaws in vehicle controller and monitor firmware.
  • 2022.05 - 2023.02
    Robotics Intern
    Company Six
    - Took full ownership of development and user testing of consumer-facing iOS application.
    - Contributed to embedded software and back-end web development by building out and debugging new features.
    - Took on other startup-related tasks, including robot repair and wrangling, destructive mechanical testing, and UI/UX design.
  • 2022.02 - 2022.07
    Research Assistant
    University of Colorado
    - Worked on NASA virtual reality project in Bioastronautics lab to produce astronaut training simulation.
    - Implemented server communication using MongoDB and Node.js for long-term data storage.
    - Developed key simulation features in Unity and C#.
  • 2021.08 - 2021.12
    Teaching Assistant
    University of Colorado
    - Taught First-Year Engineering Projects (GEEN 1400) during the Fall of 2021.
    - Worked with 30 students on prototyping skills, design thinking, and iteration.
    - Provided instruction on tools and software such as 3D printers, Laser Cutters, CAD software, and Arduino.
  • 2021.05 - 2021.08
    Software Engineering Intern
    - Increased throughput in machining, inspection, and logistics.
    - Developed two desktop C# applications to autofill hundreds of measurements into a custom inspection report, saving hours of labor each week.
    - Created database queries to improve part tracking.
    - Added safety measures for CNC lathes and mills post-processors.